“TERA KAP” Ltd offers the following services and products.

1. Renewable energy sources (RES)

– Investment projects, including all phases – feasibility research, business plan, technical and design project

– construction and installation;

– initiation exploitation by permition for usage;

2. Trading of electric energy.

– Permanen monitoring of processes about preparation and changing of legal framework for operation at the market.

– Market analysis, needs and requirements of trading partners.

– Development and adaptation to the conditions of bulgarion and regional market.

–  Trading of electric energy with guaranteed quantity and price.

– full support  the client as his enters to the free market, including assistance in determining the optimal price product , conforming to the nature of use, training and assistance in the preparation and use customer load curves, hourly schedules;

– Data processing and forecasting.

– optimize costs and improve efficiency by building a system for permanent monitoring and control of energy consumption;

– using of advanced and effective technical tools- hardware, software and telecomucation services.