Liberalization and development of the electricity market allows free access for electricity trading not only in Bulgaria but in the Balkans and the EU. Reliable and quality power at competitive prices is a major factor for economic growth. Creating a well-functioning market with clear and fair rules, criteria and procedures related to the organization will require time and effort from all involved in process.

“TERA CAP” Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, operating in the energy sector in Bulgaria and the region. The company is a licensed reseller of electricity, regulated by L-404-15/28.01.2013, issued by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission for a period of 10 years. The license allows the company to trade electricity on the free market in Bulgaria, as well as to import and export electricity.

Objectives of the company is to build long-term strategy and policy for the permanent presence and validation of the electricity market in Bulgaria and the region. “TERA KAP” Ltd. has all the technical and financial capacity to perform deals of electrical energy.
The company employs a team of experts performing the full procedure of registration and output at free electricity market for all their customers. For corporate customers, working with a long-term contract for purchasing electricity from “TERA KAP” Ltd., the company offers preferential services.

The professionalism of each of us, manifested in loyalty, honesty, collegiality, precision in implementation of commitments and achieving excellent and competent results, ensure mutual benefit in any business activity.